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New CD - Música para os seus sonhos 

Two hours of music to relax. The sound of Bansuri flute enters into the process of internalization and promotes relaxation during the sessions of yoga and meditation. Outside the consciousness of sensitive centers of the deepest level of being, the action of Indian melodies awakened states of simple contemplation.

The Bansuri is not just a musical instrument, but part the concepts of cultural and religious Hindus. She has a strong meaning in the hands of the Lord Kirsna. The Divine Kirsna passes through musical resonance of a soft breath and magical flute and shows us how strong is this idea of the power of the sound of bansuri.

Far from Indian mythology, the subtle sound of bamboo harmonizes beautifully with the deep forests, the echoes of the mountains, the interiors of Indian temples and churches.
 The melodic improvisations of these two album were fully prepared on the basis of the acoustic sound of the bansuri and ragas of Indian classical music. The purpose of this creation is to promote the power of relaxation that is in each of us, through the traditional bamboo flute, incorporating the simplicity of breathing rejuvenated.

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